Document Management Services

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Implementation
We are able to implement an EDMS package with the following features to suit your needs:
-Browser based access from local computer within your organization.
-Cloud computing model
-Able to integrate with Active Directory
-Advanced document security features
-Ability to scan hard copy documents.
-Ability to index scanned documents.
DNIL provides Best Practice Outsourcing Services for Document Scanning, empowering
your organizational processes by converting
documents into digital assets.
Our services facilitate instant and secure access to information, enabling increased productivity, performance and profits.
We are experts in providing document scanning services to support large scale, mission critical conversion services that require quick turnarounds and high quality. All images are monitored and checked page by page for clarity.
Workflows And Approval
With this Process management module, you can conveniently mimic your existing paper document related workflow approval systems.. Thereby creating customized electronic workflow approvals for your invoice and purchase orders.

This module is quite affordable and saves you a whole lot of time compared to when using the otherwise time consuming paper-trail style of approval.
File Room Management
We help to manage your in house file room using some of the best procedures and systems the industry has to offer. The issue of spending productive time periods looking for misplaced documents within your premises will be reduced significantly. Thus there is an audit trail of the location of every file within your organization.
Retention Scheduling
As part of a holistic approach to managing documents within an organization, it is essential to know when a document has exceeded its usefulness.
Various factors determine this state and can be carefully monitored during the life cycle of a document.