We are able to implement an EDMS package with the following features to suit your needs:
– Browser based access from local computer within your organization.
– Cloud computing model
– Able to integrate with Active Directory
– Advanced document security features
– Ability to scan hard copy documents.
– Ability to index scanned documents.

We provide you with an affordable  and scaleable electronic document management system which easily captures information from numerous input devices using predefined scan profiles.

The eDMS  can be easily configured to work just the way you want it to allowing scope for integrating with line of business applications. Integration with microsoft office applications is seamless and accessibility is possible from within and outside of the office. There is also a retention control feature which allows the administration to set up standards for retaining documents in the system.

Recommended Document Management Software

FileDirector is an easy to use, fast to deploy, robust and reliable cloud management software.