Workflows And Approval

With this Process management module, you can conveniently mimic your existing paper document related workflow approval systems.. Thereby creating customized electronic workflow approvals for your invoice and purchase orders.

This module is quite affordable and saves you a whole lot of time compared to when using the otherwise time consuming paper-trail style of approval.  Your whole team is thus able to approve documents while on the move through a dedicated iPhone client, through any web browser or the Windows client.

And guess what? Unlike other applications designed for workflows, no programming knowledge is needed for you to have your  workflow module up and running. Only a few minutes of training will be required to set up and deploy your own approval routines.

Furthermore an approver can,

·Receive immediate emails or daily digest emails.
·Take action via a web browser, iPhone/ iPad or Android device.
·Approve or reject documents
·Insert comments to be passed to the next approver/ admin team.
·Be reminded when they don’t take action
·Can set their absence when outside of the office.

Other features include:

·Changing field values or document types.
·Serial approvals or group approval with voting/ weighting.
·Export documents or email other interested parties documents.
·Trigger secondary approvals/ workflows.
·Use document signatures.
·Have time outs on approvals.
·Approve documents or claim them.