The pioneer service for DNIL, our structured cabling operations, has been remodeled to a cable plant service. We manage structured cabling either as a fresh project or a contract maintenance from end to cabling either as a fresh project or a contract maintenance from end to end in the following areas:

  • Entrance Facility
  • Fiber design and Installation (Fusion Splicing)
  • Backbone Cable and Pathway
  • Telecommunications Room
  • Horizontal Distribution System
  • Data Center Solution ( CCTV, Fire Alarm System, Access Control, Environmental Control, Raised Floor, FM 200)
  • Voice and Data Cabling
  • Cable Management


This is a consulting service offering to clients for the planning and design of their Network Enterprise to suit current requirements with scalability considerations. We adhere with global network standard using the Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice Video and Integrated data).

Network managers who design and build networks to support solutions such as voice and video must first consider the components that allow networks to operate properly. The individual devices or nodes often become the focus of an organization’s design decisions.

It is increasingly important to focus on how the devices connect, what features and protocols are used, and how they are used to form the foundation for what can be placed on top of the network. If the foundation is unstable, layering technology solutions over the network creates additional problems. Creating a robust foundation of basic connectivity and protocol implementation, Cisco AVVID Network Infrastructure addresses five primary concerns of network deployment: high availability, quality of service (QoS), security, mobility and scalability.


We plan, design, implement and operate Wi-Fi/full wireless mesh solutions within LAN and WAN ‘’BLANKET’’. This is made possible by using various solution options upon consideration of the client’s requirements.
Our major vendor concentration is with Cisco and Wavion. Services Include:

  •  Microwave transmission planning, installation, optimization and commissioning.
  • RF planning, installation, optimization and commissioning.
  • Radio access network planning, optimization and commissioning.
  • WIMAX network planning, installation and optimization.
  • We carry out pre-installation site survey and planning.
  • We maintain microwave transmission links to ensure optimal up time.


Our network management solution we proffer to our clients in 2 areas:

  1. Management of the Physical LAN provisioning which includes the management of the copper cables and the fiber optic cables while they focus on their core business

2. We also manage the network using tools we have mastered. This tools are used to identify, resolve and report potential challenges. In most cases we see this  before it even happens.